Improve your storytelling abilities

Your WBA is offering members free access to a two-part Poynter workshop on powerful storytelling.

Here’s what will be covered:

–Finding and developing compelling characters 
–Finding sharp story focus 
–What goes where in the story and why 
–How to make words and video work seamless together even when you have limited video 
–How to spot soundbites that deeply connect with viewers
–The eight motivators that make any story more interesting 
–Getting beyond the obvious to the more important “why” of the story 
–The power of the Ladder of Abstraction (how to make interesting stories important and important stories interesting) 
–Sentence structure that makes information unforgettable 
–Navigating the friction between creative storytelling and clear storytelling

Part one is on Oct. 21 and part 2 is on Nov. 4. Both sessions start at 11 a.m.

Learn more and sign up here.