Monthly Archives: June 2017

A Victory For Open Government In Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association supported the lawsuit against the Appleton School District, which claimed the district held committee meetings in secret, and in so doing violated the state’s Open Meetings law. The district argued that the committee was exempt from the law.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled the school board... - MORE -

What Do You Have To Do To Get Kicked Off Twitter?

The President’s latest Tweet-storm this morning, attacking CNBC’s Mika Brzezinski for her disparaging comments regarding him on “Morning Joe” generated a significant number of demands that Twitter suspend or shut down Trump’s account. That’s not likely going to happen, but Twitter won’t say exactly what its rules are. Many journalists... - MORE -

The Future Of Small-Market TV News?

If you work in TV news, take a moment to read this article (link below). Your first reaction may be “that’ll never happen HERE”, but consider what’s happened to radio news in the past decade. When the economy went bust in 2008, scores of radio broadcasting companies cut their news... - MORE -

Today Is Trump-Free Tuesday

Salon is trying it. The publication will neither use his name nor his photo today. What little they’re saying about their rationale is here. Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -