Sex Offenders Law

In 1997, the state enacted a comprehensive law dealing with sex offenders.  It is called the Sex Offenders Registration and Community Notification Law, and law enforcement professionals call it “SORC” for shorthand.  The law has many facets, many named after victims of sexual predators, like “Jacob’s Law” and “Megan’s Law”.

You can learn about Wisconsin’s sex offenders law at the section of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections website that deals with sexual offenders, and you can rapidly learn who has to be registered as a sex offender, and which crimes lead to mandatory registration.  It’s a long list, but the website clearly and concisely explains each one.

The same website has a quick link to the part of the registry which shows on a map where sexual offenders have been placed in each community of the state, along with a searchable database for the names of those in the sex offenders registry.

Another part of the Wisconsin Corrections Department’s resourceful website gives an overview of state and federal laws and rules regarding sex offenders.  It also has a direct link to the sex offender registration site, and links to the laws regarding community notification.