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Some People Really Do Hate Journalists

As if we needed more evidence. Anyone who checks the comments on news stories posted to social media knows how much vitriol is on display. Most of us who work in news understand that the First Amendment is there more to protect UNpopular speech than popular speech, which doesn’t need... - MORE -

Which National News People Dominate Twitter?

This morning’s column (below) from Jim Warren at Poynter has the Kings and Queens of Newsroom Twitter – by the numbers! No matter what most any reporter or editor tells you, a coin in their realm is tweets. They can constitute a self-aggrandizing echo chamber, for sure, but one where ... - MORE -

Get Some Recognition For Your Best News Stories!

Submissions for the annual WBA Awards have opened today and will remain open until January 10th. Be sure the person in your newsroom responsible for putting together your station’s entries is aware! There’s no finer feeling than attending the WBA Gala in May and hearing your name – or your... - MORE -