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8 Seconds Or 8 Years

That’s the answer Poynter writing pro Roy Peter Clark gave, when asked “how long should it take to revise a story?” Read his column about it here. Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -

Great Tool For Any Newsroom That Posts Stories To Facebook

Courtesy of the people at Poynter: NEW TOOL, FOUR STEPS: You know that awful thing where you update an article but it still shows old information when you post it to Facebook? Or that thing where Facebook doesn’t seem to recognize an image when it builds a share card? Or... - MORE -

Journalistic Ethics In 2017

James Warren, who does a column every morning under the Poynter banner, has quotes from a lot of Journalism icons – including, of course, Poynter’s own Al Tompkins – regarding the Al Franken situation. This morning’s Warren roundup is below.   Maddow, Al Franken and that photo “This is my... - MORE -

Giving Time To Opposing Points Of View

The number of Wisconsin radio and TV stations that run regular editorials has dwindled to a handful. Years ago, when more broadcast stations editorialized, the standard lockout line was “equal time will be provided for those with responsible opposing views”. But print media still regularly offers a page, if not... - MORE -

“The News Industry Has A Sexual Harassment Problem”

That’s a line from this brand new report from the Nielsen Journalism Lab at Harvard. Another powerful line: “The issue facing journalism is not simply about preventing sexual harassment; it’s about also acknowledging that this behavior is often a part of a sexist and unequal work environment. ” Well worth... - MORE -