Monthly Archives: April 2015

More On The Brian Williams Saga

It was back in February that the world changed for NBC Nightly News anchor and managing editor Brian Williams. There was a quick on-camera apology one night; then a longer apology the next night; then Williams was sidelined by his bosses at NBC/Comcast.  First, the story was that Williams had... - MORE -

The Fight To Keep Police Body Cam Video Accessible To The Public

Eighteen states are considering legislation to regulate and limit public access to police body-cam video. Scores of municipalities are in a rush to pass their own rules about controlling access to such video. It’s still another new frontier in covering news in the digital age. The RTDNA has adopted a... - MORE -

Women in Media Leadership Positions

Many Wisconsin broadcast newsrooms are led by women, who got a college degree and then worked their way up through the ranks. Here’s a video from Poynter regarding some of the terms used to describe female leaders.   Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -

Some Interesting Information on Millenials

Millenials are not who you think they are, asserts this item from Emily Badger in the Washington Post. It’s a quick read with interesting information on one aspect of the lives of a big demographic segment.   Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -

A Great Question

When you report on a local story that becomes national news, extending the story’s life-cycle by days, do you continue to “report” the story even though there are no new facts or angles to report?  Some thoughts about situations like this in this article from the RTDNA.   Posted by ... - MORE -