Wisconsin Court System Overview

Wisconsin has a clearly defined court system, ranging from municipal courts, where you might have to go if you get a speeding ticket, to circuit court, to appeals court, to the highest court in the state, the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

This section of the WBA Newsroom is designed to make it easy for you to become familiar with Wisconsin’s court system, from top to bottom.

We’ve included links to websites where you can find out exactly what legal terms mean, so you can speak the language of attorneys and judges.  We’ll explain how a trial proceeds.

We’ll cover sentencing in Wisconsin.  We have a section helping you to understand the different set of rules that apply to juvenile offenders in our state.  There’s a section on covering sex offenders, and a section explaining victim protection in Wisconsin.

Knowing how the courts work in Wisconsin is a fundamental reporting skill, and this section of the website will give you what you need to know to do your job as a professional.