Monthly Archives: December 2015

Where Is News Headed?

The basic structure of most news stories is a form developed to accommodate the needs of the print medium hundreds of years ago, and even on the most modern news websites, the form really hasn’t changed much. Here are some thoughts on where it may be headed. Posted by Tim ... - MORE -

Journalists Discuss Transparency Concerns With The White House

The Society of Professional Journalists and the Radio/TV/Digital News Association met with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest and discussed concerns regarding difficulties in obtaining government documents and a variety of other topics.  Read a brief summary of the meeting here.   Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -

The Continuing Attempt To Gut Wisconsin’s Open Records Law

The latest of the ongoing attempts to keep the people of Wisconsin from knowing what their state government is doing is the move by the State Public Records Board to decide that text messages are “transitory communications”, and as such, are not subject to the state’s Open Records law. As... - MORE -