Monthly Archives: September 2015

Will Millenials Pay For News Content?

From the folks at Poynter, here are some interesting observations and statistics on how Millenials think about paying for things – like TV, music, news, and many other services. The summary is here. Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -

Many Drone “Near Misses” Were Actually Just Sitings

An article from the RTDNA reveals that the Federal Aviation Administration may not have been entirely forthcoming about the number of “near miss” incidents between drones and commercial aircraft. The article says a lot of the incidents categorized as “near miss” were actually just drone sightings. Read the brief article... - MORE -

Journalism and Promotion Can Work Together

For a number of “capital J” journalists, the thought of promoting a story makes them uneasy. But this veteran Emmy-winning investigative TV reporter says the two can work together quite nicely with no one compromising any values.  Read her thoughts here. Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -

RTDNA Publicizes WITI-TV’s Murrow Award

No, it’s not WITI-TV/Milwaukee’s first Murrow award. But the lengths to which the Fox 6 news staff went in covering oil companies and railroads is certainly award-worthy. Read a brief article about it here. Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -