Monthly Archives: July 2015

A Broadcast Consultant’s Thoughts On Media Coverage of Donald Trump

Why won’t Donald Trump play by the rules? Why does he continue to make his blustery comments, creating a firestorm of pushback from the traditional political sources? Why did the Huffington Post decide to cover Trump’s campaign as “Entertainment” rather than “Politics”? So many questions. Tim Moore is a nationally-known... - MORE -

Interesting Article for News People Who Have Web Responsibilities

One of the toughest things for a lot of people to do is separate their opinion from what’s factually accurate. If you have newsroom responsibilities that include writing stories for the web, or taking a shift monitoring your station’s social media sites, you invariably get some commenters who will post... - MORE -

Solid Advice From A Former Wisconsin TV Sports Broadcaster

Three-time Emmy Award winning sportscaster Alanna Rizzo, who spent time in Wisconsin as a Madison TV sportscaster and is now with the Los Angeles Dodgers game-day broadcast team, has some straight-up truth about what it really takes to make it in “the biz”. She pulls no punches when addressing students... - MORE -

A Classroom Teacher Spending Time In The Newsroom

It’s not the first time it’s ever been done, by any means – a college teacher spending time in an actual, working TV newsroom. Plenty of Wisconsin’s higher educators have volunteered time to work hands-on in a TV newsroom. But this young Ph.D. is documenting her story, as her life... - MORE -