Monthly Archives: August 2018

WBA Chair shares message about media freedom

WBA Chair Steve Wexler has dedicated his column for the upcoming WBA newsletter to discussing the importance of defending press freedoms. You can read his message here. In it, he writes, “Regardless of your political leanings, the idea that the press is ‘the enemy of the people’ or that... - MORE -

Can political campaigns use news footage?

From middlewick on Morguefile Anchors and reporters might sometimes find the words they said in their newscasts taken out of context and used for political purposes. It’s a tactic used to increase a campaign ad’s credibility. But it can be damaging for the anchors or reporters who find their reputations used for meeting a... - MORE -

Busy week for severe weather coverage

From manuere on Morguefile Storms and flooding have reporters around Wisconsin busy covering a huge event that’s affecting the lives of thousands of people. Thank you to the reporters who are putting in the extra hours this week to keep Wisconsinites safe and help get the recovery process underway. You’re demonstrating the importance of... - MORE -

Pedersen to join WISN-TV morning show

Sheldon Dutes and Adrienne Pedersen WISN-TV’s Adrienne Pedersen is moving from weekend evening anchor to WISN 12 News This Morning. She will be co-anchoring with Sheldon Dutes . His co-anchor, Melinda Davenport, is leaving the morning show to launch WISN 12 news at 11:00 a.m. starting Sept. 10. “Adrienne is well-known to our viewers from... - MORE -

Deffenbaugh joins WITI-TV morning show

Carl Deffenbaugh and Jessob Reisbeck Carl Deffenbaugh is moving to the anchor desk of FOX6 Wakeup on WITI-TV after the departure of Jessob Reisbeck for a TV station in Washington DC. Deffenbaugh is already familiar to FOX 6 viewers as the roving reporter out in the community during the 7-9 a.m. hours of FOX6 Wakeup. ... - MORE -

Stations respond to flash flooding

News stations in Madison have been on duty throughout the night tracking the dangerous flash flooding that struck south central Wisconsin Monday evening. Thank you for everything you’re doing to keep residents informed and safe. STRANDED IN MIDDLETON Hundreds of people are currently stranded in buildings throughout the Middleton area... - MORE -

Audio reporting from the field

There are always new tools coming out to help journalists do their jobs easier, faster, and with better quality for the audience. Have you heard of this one named QgoLive? RTDNA wrote about it here. Got a tool you’d like to share with your fellow reporters? Tweet them at... - MORE -