Monthly Archives: October 2015

There’s Nothing Hollow About Halloween

Many of us have had a teacher, either in high school, college, or tech school, who insisted on proper vowel sounds, and there’s usually one member of the grammar police in every newsroom! One of my former colleagues said she had a teacher at UW-Milwaukee who would give an “F”... - MORE -

Want To Write For An RTDNA Publication? Here’s Your Chance

The Radio-TV Digital News Association is looking for writers – content creators – to write about journalism topics for the Association’s array of platforms. Information is here. Note: You need to be an RTDNA member to apply, and there are numerous benefits to membership. All you need to know... - MORE -

Five Things You Can Learn From Newsroom Veterans

What is the old saying? Age and experience will overcome youth and enthusiasm? Those of us who’ve been around the news business for a while would probably trade some of our experience for the superior energy of the younger folks in the newsroom, but be that as it may, this... - MORE -