Monthly Archives: March 2016

Great Storytelling Tip: Facts Are Still Necessary

Joanne Stevens has been successfully writing news for a long time, and she shares a quick but important tip here. Did you know the WBA Newsroom has a special section for journalism and broadcasting students, to give them an opportunity to share their work and get observations from people “in... - MORE -

Reporter Arrested For Attempting To View A Public Record

It seems there are more and more stories like this one coming every day, where reporters are denied access to public records, or the custodians of public records engage in unlawful activity to keep public records secret. The WBA Newsroom has a special section devoted to explaining Wisconsin’s Open Meetings... - MORE -

Story Idea: Tax Scams

With the advent of online filing, the fraudsters and scamsters have stolen literally billions of dollars from unsuspecting filers. Here’s a great, short article with lots of tips and links that can help you put together a great story for your audience. Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -