Actual Open Meetings Law and Important Case References

If you are researching a story and want to see the actual statutes involving Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law, a quick way to get there is through the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council’s website.

Here you will find the text of the law, annotations to the law which will help you as a reporter, and actual case law regarding the Open Meetings Law.

This site also has a link to the state legislature’s webpage which allows you to quickly download each specific section of the law as a .pdf file and print it.

Two more important reporter’s references on the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council’s website are the section on important cases where the media or private citizens or public organizations have “tested” the law.

And there’s the FOIC website’s section on Opinions of the Attorney General, dealing specifically with the Open Meetings Law.  These are not laws in and of themselves, but are clarifications of the law issued by the Wisconsin Attorney General’s office.