What’s happening to audience for local news?

The Knight Foundation is taking a look at the current and future state of the audience for local news. It’s Part Five of a five part series titled “Local TV News and the New Media Landscape.” Key findings from this report: • The local TV news audience is slowly —... - MORE -

Jowett Fellowship supports training for photographers

The Rick Jowett Fellowship was established in 2017 by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation to support educational opportunities for photographers and videographers who work in media in Wisconsin. Recipients of the fellowship can use the grant for professional development in the areas of photography and videography. Applicants must specify how... - MORE -
In Depth

Open Records Law

As a reporter working in Wisconsin, you should be aware that our state has a very strong open records law, both in the statutes passed by the state legislature and in the case law where the open records law has been tested in court.  In Wisconsin, there is a presumption... - MORE -