Column: Investigation records should be public

Two years ago this month, a Madison East High School teacher chaperoning a Minneapolis field trip creeped into students’ rooms using copies of their room keys and planted hidden cameras in their bathrooms. On Nov. 22, a few weeks after the teacher, David Kruchten, was sentenced to 12 years in... - MORE -

Hall moving to Milwaukee

Madison weekend anchor and reporter Tajma Hall is moving to Milwaukee. Hall is leaving NBC 15 (WMTV-TV) to join CBS 58 (WDJT-TV) where she will be closer to her hometown of Chicago. “This is an incredible opportunity to continue to grow as a journalist and I feel so blessed,” Hall... - MORE -

In Depth


Never, under any circumstances, take someone else’s work and call it your own. If you take copy, video, audio, a photo, or information from another source, attribute it. If you take someone else’s material and use it without attribution, you are guilty of one of the most serious breaches of... - MORE -