State Senate approves body camera bill

The Wisconsin State Senate on Wednesday approved a bill on a voice vote that would establish statewide rules for how police use body cameras. A companion measure will be considered by the State Assembly on Thursday. The bill was the product of a Legislative Study Committee in which representatives of... - MORE -

Sessions available to learn about Wisconsin water

The Wisconsin Humanities Council is offering a series of regional events this year regarding “Wisconsin’s Water Future.” They are inviting Wisconsin’s newsrooms to join the sessions to learn more about the topic. Reporters are, of course, also welcome to cover the events. They are as follows: April 25 – La... - MORE -

Webinar to focus on rebuilding trust with your audience

How do you make good decisions when covering the toughest stories in a 24/7 news cycle while they are breaking right in front of you? In this 24/7 news world, speed is important, but the cost of errors is a loss of trust from your audience. Journalists make mistakes when... - MORE -

In Depth

Election Process

Wisconsin generally has two elections every year, a Spring election and a Fall election.  But then the complications start: each of these “General” Elections in spring and fall can be, and most often are, preceded by a “Primary” Election, held 60 days prior to the General Election.  The Governor, in... - MORE -