Newsrooms brace for Thursday

Did your newsroom have plans for Thursday? You’ll need to reschedule. As you’re no doubt already aware, Thursday is shaping up to be a big day in Washington DC, which means it will be a big day for broadcast newsrooms around the country. Poynter explains the same-day confluence of the ... - MORE -

More tools go online for investigative journalists

Investigative journalists have no shortage of online tools to help when connect the dots on important data-driven stories, but Google is adding to the pile with a new dataset search. The tool features an assortment of data in searchable format. So, while many tools help you organize data, this is... - MORE -
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Open Records Law

As a reporter working in Wisconsin, you should be aware that our state has a very strong open records law, both in the statutes passed by the state legislature and in the case law where the open records law has been tested in court.  In Wisconsin, there is a presumption... - MORE -