Monitor fees charged by records custodians

How much have you been charged to get copies of public records? Wisconsin law allows records custodians to charge a reasonable fee, but it’s not always easy to determine what’s “reasonable.” The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council discussed this at a meeting on Thursday after this report of lawmakers using... - MORE -

Take steps to reduce newsroom negativity

The stress inherent in newsrooms can lead to negativity, but it doesn’t have to. Kevin Benz, writing for RTDNA, is offering these tips for how news teams – and their managers – can make our newsrooms better places to work, a little at a time, every day. Benz was also... - MORE -
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Open Meetings Law

Our state has a very powerful Open Meetings Law, which permits reporters to attend and report on all meetings of governmental bodies, boards, and commissions, and it allows reporters to record and photograph a meeting held in open session as long as you don’t interfere with the conduct of the... - MORE -