PIOs are ‘not your boss’

How’s your relationship with the local police department? This article from RTDNA is about how to combat the “PIO problem.” It suggests ways to get to a story without relying on the PIO and ideas for maintaining a healthy relationship with your PIO, keeping in mind that your job is... - MORE -

Committee finishes work on police body camera bill

A Legislative Study Committee has completed work on a bill that would regulate the use of police body cameras in Wisconsin. Legislation on body cameras passed in the Assembly but was not brought up for a vote in the Senate before the end of the last session. The study committee... - MORE -
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Open Records Law

As a reporter working in Wisconsin, you should be aware that our state has a very strong open records law, both in the statutes passed by the state legislature and in the case law where the open records law has been tested in court.  In Wisconsin, there is a presumption... - MORE -