Database shows status of cameras in courtrooms

RTDNA has created a state-by-state coverage guide regarding cameras in the courtroom. The database allows users to search and filter by location and policy, providing a comprehensive overview of camera regulations in courtrooms across the United States.  Additionally, the guide offers a detailed examination of laws in each jurisdiction, including ... - MORE -

New guidelines help newsrooms with AI

RTDNA has established coverage guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence in the newsroom. “RTDNA is proud to offer this roadmap for newsrooms as we all come to terms with how AI will impact our world,” said RTDNA President and CEO Dan Shelley. “AI can be a valuable tool for... - MORE -

In Depth

News Media Law

What are your rights as a reporter or photographer when you are at the scene of a crime or emergency? Can you take a camera or recorder into a courtroom? These situations are common in reporting the news, and a skilled reporter or photographer needs to know their rights and responsibilities.... - MORE -