Monthly Archives: June 2018

Panel discusses journalist, newsroom safety

A panel at the WBA Summer Conference discussed important topics surrounding the safety of journalists and broadcast facilities. The panel was moderated by Juli Buehler, News Director, WLUK-TV and member of the WBA Board. The panel included: Dan Shelley, Executive Director RTDNA Ben Hart, News Director, WISN-TV David Oxenford, Partner,... - MORE -

Lessons for flying a drone

GaborfromHungary from morguefile Are you new to flying a drone? The Missouri Drone Journalism Program has flown more than 450 sorties since December and has learned a lot. They’re sharing with us five lessons they’ve taken away from their experiences. You can read about them here. One of the key lessons: Plan... - MORE -

How Wisconsin’s Court System Works

There is much news coverage right now regarding the rights immigrants have in our federal court system. Here in Wisconsin, it’s unlikely we’d have to do a story about immigrants and the federal court system. It’s far more likely we’d be doing a story that somehow involves our state’s court... - MORE -

UW-Oshkosh Journalism Professor’s Book Hits Best-Seller List

A lot of people working in broadcasting in Wisconsin are graduates of the UW-Oshkosh RTVF program. Journalism professor Vincent Filak’s book “Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing” is ranked the #1 new book in Journalism by Amazon. Here’s a short article about Prof. Filak and his latest publication. Posted by ... - MORE -

What Will It Take For People To Embrace Actual Journalism Again?

That’s the title of an opinion piece published this morning by long-time newsman Paul Fanlund, Editor and Publisher of The Capital Times. His thoughts relate to both print and electronic journalism, and are, I think, well worth reading for anyone who works in any kind of newsroom. The piece is... - MORE -