Monthly Archives: July 2020

Guide seeks to demystify COVID-19 statistics

A new guide from RTDAN seeks to make it easier for journalists to understand the stream of data and statistics that health officials provide about the progress of the disease. “This guide to common COVID metrics is designed to help journalists know how each data point is calculated, what it... - MORE -

Learn how to build trust with your audience

RTDNA This free opportunity comes from RTDNA: New research shows just a couple of sentences can make a difference in how audiences perceive local news stories – whether they trust you and will come back for more, or not. Grab your lunch and join us on August 4 at 1 p.m. ... - MORE -

Letters offer view of how openness laws are being interpreted

The Office of Open Government recently posted its latest batch of letters responding to requests to interpret and enforce the state’s open records and open meetings laws. The letters provide insight into how the Wisconsin Department of Justice is handling questions about open records and open meetings; Jonathan Pinnow: A... - MORE -

Get engagement without relying on click bait

Morguefile license You’ve gotten great at generating engagement on your social media profiles, but you can’t help but notice that you’re relying on click bait to do it. How do you continue to get the engagement you need to hit your goals while providing your audience with something meaningful to engage with?... - MORE -

Spencer to join Fox 6 Wake Up anchor desk

Suzanne Spencer Suzanne Spencer is moving from the nightside team to the morning show anchor desk at Fox 6 (WITI-TV) in Milwaukee. Spencer has been a reporter and Saturday night anchor at the station for nearly three years. “The people here are so special to me,” she wrote. “You believe in the... - MORE -