Monthly Archives: June 2020

Newsrooms find ways to deliver news on TicTok

As the number of online platforms continues to grow, newsrooms are investigating which ones make sense to use to connect with their audiences. Some newsrooms are making progress using TicTok. Poytner has pulled together some examples of what’s working on this platform. Check it out here.... - MORE -

Newsrooms will embrace some changes prompted by pandemic

RTDNA The following webinar is being offered by RTDNA. There is a cost for non-members. See below. The coronavirus pandemic quickly showed newsrooms that many of the things we considered to be rules were just assumptions; and that we’re capable of far more transformation — faster — than we thought. What ... - MORE -

RTDNA calls for federal law to protect recording of police

From DodgertonSkillhause on Morguefile RTDNA Executive Director Dan Shelley is calling for the creation of a federal law to protect journalists recording police officers doing their jobs. “Virtually every day, officers across the country interfere with the First Amendment right of any member of the public to record police officers in public places. In... - MORE -

Evolve your COVID-19 coverage

A lot has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic first took hold in the U.S., which means the needs of your audience have changed, and your coverage might need to change. RTDNA is taking a fresh look at this topic with this article from Katarina Deaven from the Center for Media... - MORE -

Find time to take care of yourself

From Investigative Reporters and Editors: Join IRE and OpenNews on Friday to reflect on how you’re coping with stressful situations. You can register for the webinar here Taking care of yourself is not a self-indulgence, it’s a necessity for doing your best work and sustaining the work that you ... - MORE -

How to build trust from the ground up

From Alvimann on Morguefile If you’re a reporter moving to a new city, it takes time and effort for you to build trust with the community you’re covering. Poynter is writing this week about the critical process of building trust between a newsroom and a community.  The article has five tips that you can... - MORE -

Misinformation about COVID-19 spreads on social media

Social media continues to be a source of widely-spread misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest example comes from Poynter which found that contrary to popular Facebook posts, the CDA has not confirmed any mortality rate for the virus and the 0.2 percent estimate is the low end of an... - MORE -

Produce better MOS pieces

From GaborfromHungary on Morguefile Many reporters dread the “man on the street” assignment, but some fresh thoughts on the story format might help bring it some life. Simon Perez, Associate Professor of Broadcast and Digital Journalism at Syracuse University, shared his ideas in this article on RTDNA’s website. Along with his tips, he shares... - MORE -