Monthly Archives: May 2015

Don’t Confuse Memorial Day With Veterans Day

There’s a very big difference, which a lot of news writers, reporters, producers, photographers, and anchors don’t seem to understand.  Memorial Day is about honoring the memory (hence, “Memorial Day”) of sailors and soldiers who died in the line of duty. Veterans Day is to honor ALL who serve and  ... - MORE -

The Changing Newsroom Environment

Is your newsroom workstation set up so that everything you need is at arm’s reach?  If so, that may not be a good thing! The most recent installation in a Huffington Post series about how the newsroom is changing – and, more to the point, being changed by management design... - MORE -

News On FM Radio Is Drawing A Younger Audience

Not all that long ago, typical practice was to put spoken word formats on AM stations, and music formats on FM stations. That’s changing now, with the migration in many markets to FM of a number of former AM-only news formats. How has it affected the news-gathering operations of these... - MORE -

Merv Block On TV News Writing

“Broadcast news writing in general has been declining because the quality of the teaching of English has declined.” Just one of the many sage observations made by veteran TV news writing guru Merv Block in this article from the RTDNA.   Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -