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Storm reporters play important role

Rain weather storm from davidpwhelan on Morguefile A common criticism of hurricane coverage by news outlets is the live shot we’ve all seen of a reporter trying to stay on his or her feet as they stand in the thick of the storm. Poynter is arguing that these reporters play an important role because if those outside... - MORE -

Session focuses on connecting journalism research, practice

RJI The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute is hosting the following free session on the topic of connecting journalism research and practice: It is now well-established that the long-time economic model on which the news industry has relied is no longer sustainable. Facebook, Google, and declining levels of popular trust in ... - MORE -

Storms don’t have to be severe to warrant extra coverage

Rain weather storm from davidpwhelan on Morguefile A thunderstorm can disrupt someone’s day, even if the storm isn’t, strictly speaking, “severe” as defined by the National Weather Service. Talent coach and weather content consultant Tim Heller, writing for RTDNA, says, “Local TV station weather teams usually do an excellent job connecting with viewers during severe weather. But... - MORE -

Van Haaften takes job in Knoxville

After three years as sports director at WSAW-TV in Wausau, Reece Van Haaften is making a move to Tennessee. Van Haaften is headed to WATE in Knoxville. His last day at WSAW is Friday.... - MORE -

Improve your storytelling abilities

Your WBA is offering members free access to a two-part Poynter workshop on powerful storytelling. Here’s what will be covered: –Finding and developing compelling characters  –Finding sharp story focus  –What goes where in the story and why  –How to make words and video work seamless together even when you have... - MORE -