Free session to train on covering political extremism

The following free session from Poynter is available on Sept. 20. You can apply here before Sept. 16.

Here are additional details:

Covering Political Extremism in the Public Square

Increased intimidation, threats and violence surround democratic process and participation in the United States. This free, one-day online workshop will help journalists stay safe and produce ethical, excellent stories for voters leading up to the 2022 midterms.

Participants in this one-day online workshop will:

  • Understand the laws that govern election security, firearms possession at polling places, election intimidation and threats of violence
  • Explain how and where gun rights run up against the law in polling places and other sensitive places like state capitols
  • Recognize the cultural phenomenon of threats, violence and armed intimidation in the public sphere
  • Identify attempts by extremists to normalize this behavior, including downplay and denial
  • Grapple with the ethics issues of how journalists cover violence or threats of violence at public institutions
  • Learn best practices for dealing with online harassment and threats
  • Develop new story ideas and reporting strategies for reporting on tense situations where violence is possible
  • Apply lessons to other areas of coverage, including statehouse, school boards and public health agencies