Work underway on WBA debates

The panelists for the WBA gubernatorial and U.S. Senate debates are working hard at preparing for the debates coming up in October.

The panelists for both debates met on Tuesday to discuss topics that might later be formulated into questions for the candidates in each debate. Moderator Jill Geisler is working with the panelists on the debates.

The panels will meet at least twice more before the debates.

The U.S. Senate debate is scheduled for 7 p.m on Oct. 13 and will be held in the Wausau/Rhinelander market. The gubernatorial debate is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Oct. 19 and will be held in the Madison market.

Top row:
Moderator for both debates, Jill Geisler
Gubernatorial debate panelists:
Jessica Arp, WISC-TV
Emilee Fannon, WKOW-TV
Leigh Mills, WMTV-TV
Lupita Montoto, La Movida Radio
Bottom row:
U.S. Senate debate panelists:
Holly Chilsen, WSAW-TV
Chris Conley, WSAU Radio
Melissa Langbehn, WAOW-TV
Ben Meyer, WJFW-TV
Jeff Thelen, WSAW-TV