Solid Advice From A Former Wisconsin TV Sports Broadcaster

Three-time Emmy Award winning sportscaster Alanna Rizzo, who spent time in Wisconsin as a Madison TV sportscaster and is now with the Los Angeles Dodgers game-day broadcast team, has some straight-up truth about what it really takes to make it in “the biz”. She pulls no punches when addressing students about what it takes to get a top-rung job in sports broadcasting in this article from Cablefax.

Alanna has also worked on-camera in the nation’s largest market, for MLB-TV, and in the article she addresses the perception that many women are hired for on-camera positions in pro sports just to be “eye-candy”.

It’s a quick read and a very interesting perspective from a woman who’s paid her dues in full and holds a top-notch position in the business of sports broadcasting.

Posted by Tim Morrissey