Be a trusted force for good in your newsroom

Jill Geisler

An upcoming FREE webinar led by WBA Hall of Famer Jill Geisler is aimed at helping men who want to be allies to women, people of privilege who want to do more to fight inequity, and powerful individuals who want to be better advocates for change.

The “Do You Qualify as an Ally” webinar will teach:

  • How to have courageous conversations with the right words at the right time
  • How to keep bias from finding its way into decision-making
  • Why micro-aggressions aren’t really so “micro” — and how to stop them
  • How to address the burden of “invisible work” that can harm underrepresented staff
  • Real-world situations in which newsroom allies made a difference for their colleagues —and created better journalism, too

The webinar is from the Power Shift Project.

Learn more and register here.