Tompkins to offer free training for WBA members

Al Tompkins

Al Tompkins from Poynter is offering two FREE training sessions to WBA members in July as part of the WBA Virtual Summer Conference.

In the first two-day session titled “Powering Up Your Reporting” on July 20-21:

You will learn practical reporting skills you can use on your next shift. Over the course of two sessions, you will learn to think visually, even when you are working remotely, how to turn important (but hard to tell) topics into compelling stories, the secret to the first 10 seconds of a live shot, and the power of word-order in sentences.

Register here.

In the second two-day session titles “Leading a Local Newsroom Through Uncertain Times” on July 27-28:

You will learn what leaders need to know about how to manage stress and trauma in their newsroom, how to communicate with your staff and send the right signals to your boss. You will discover how to lead Gen X, Gen Z, Millennials and Baby Boomers all in the same newsroom and how to have tough conversations that produce results.

Register here.

Your WBA is here to give you the training you need for these uncertain times. Please take advantage of this FREE service.

The WBA Newsroom blog will be off on Friday for the Independence Day holiday. Have a safe and restful weekend!