How to safely connect with viewers on social media

Social media is an incredible tool for connecting with your audience. But the line between sharing and oversharing is a fine one.

Sara Maslar-Donar is the anchor of WKOW’s Wake Up Wisconsin Weekend morning show and reports for the weekday morning show. She was also recipient of the WBA’s ‘Best Online Personality” award, placing second.

She offers this advice for those using their social media pages to connect with viewers and listeners.

When it comes to sharing your personal life, it’s up to your own personal preference. But the advice I can give is this: In this day and age, we all need to be extremely careful about what we let people know.  Reveal to viewers the things that will help them understand who you are and what makes you tick: Your hobbies, your love of animals, your favorite way to spend a Friday night! But remember: these are strangers. They aren’t entitled to know anything you don’t feel safe or comfortable sharing. 

Heather Poltrock
WSAW-TV, Wausau