Help research into digital journalism in Midwest newsrooms

From MushyTaters on Morguefile

Can you help a researcher study digital journalism in Midwest newsrooms? Read more about it here:

Newsroom Managers and Digital Journalists. I am a graduate student conducting research examining digital journalism in Midwest newsrooms. Please complete this 10-15-minute survey. The results of this study will increase our understanding of the resources and education available to digital editors and the newsroom climate as it pertains to digital journalists. All information is confidential, and none will be provided to your employer. Since this is not part of your work, I suggest completing the survey on personal time and personal devices. At the end of the survey, you will have the option to sign up to receive a summary of the survey results once it has been analyzed.

The survey URL is:

Survey results are due July 22.

Please contact Sarah Muller at with any questions.