Poynter offers training for producers

Poynter is offering producers special training next month and applications are due a week from today. Check it out:

Poynter Producer Project

Online group seminar, March 1-25
Apply by Feb. 8

Making stories work involves more than just teases and live shots. This eight-session, four-week online seminar will help you expand your expertise as a TV producer with new writing, storytelling, coaching and ethical decision-making skills.

The Poynter Producer Project is long on practicality and low on theory. Poynter Senior Faculty Al Tompkins and a five-star lineup of visiting professionals will sharpen your writing and ethical decision-making skills, stretch your leadership muscles and increase your value to your newsroom. This course will energize you and expand your professional contacts.

Over the two decades that we have offered this specialized training for TV newscast producers, many of our graduates have gone on to become executive producers, news directors and top managers for stations and broadcast corporations. Poynter graduates also work at network and cable news organizations and at local TV stations across America and around the globe.

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What will I learn?

  • How to find stories that others miss
  • How to find a focus for your story
  • How to write clear, clean copy
  • The keys to writing teases and show opens that attract and hold viewers
  • A framework for making ethical decisions on deadline
  • Ways to lead even when you do not have formal authority
  • How to better navigate news coverage involving race and bias
  • Strategies for managing newsroom trauma and stress

Who will be teaching me?

Who should apply?

This seminar is aimed at newscast producers and associate producers. Of course, we welcome executive producers from smaller markets, and we welcome educators and dedicated college students who have producing experience and expect to work as professional producers.

What is the cost?

The cost is $499, which includes tuition for the four-week online group seminar and coaching.

Tuition is $250 for NABJ, NAHJ, NLGJA, AAJA, NAJA members, thanks to a grant from CNN. If you are a member of one of these associations, please note it on your application.

Apply by Feb. 8.
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