How To Check What’s In Your Personal Data Archive – And How To Manage It

From Poynter this morning:

What’s in your data archive?

Are you starting to feel more and more queasy about your privacy these days? Do you have a sense that technology’s tentacles have reached into all aspects of your life and you don’t have a clue about how to get rid of them?

You’re not alone.

As we moved around the web Monday in search of media stories, we found a growing collection of articles that are exposing some of the harder truths about tech companies and technology. We also found plenty of news and fallout from the Facebook data scandal.

Here are some stories and links that we think will make you smarter (or maybe even more worried, if that’s possible) about technology and data.

  • First, if you haven’t done this yet, it’s time to see what Facebook has on you. You can download your archive here.

  • Prepare yourself, though. Google has just as much date from you, if not more, as this 33-message Twitter thread makes clear. (Don’t worry, we’ve used the Thread Reader app, to make it easier to scroll.)

  • Facebook had to acknowledge late Sunday that it was keeping records of Android users’ calls and texts.

  • Mashable points out that every user of the platform is working for Facebook — generating data for advertisers and content for the advertisers to build around. Shouldn’t you get paid?

  • What’s the link between the Facebook data breach and the crash of a self-driving Uber car? It’s this, writes Robinson Meyer in The Atlantic: We made the decision long ago to let Facebook govern itself and look what happened. Will the same thing happen with Uber?

  • Fast Company surveyed hundreds of parents about how much screen time their kids use. The answers were “candid, scary – and sometimes hopeful.”

  • Axios has this helpful roundup of all the ways tech has screwed up this past week.

Posted by Tim Morrissey