Learn about Wisconsin’s water future

The Wisconsin Humanities Council is hosting a virtual panel on water justice and public policy in Wisconsin as part of its Behind the Headlines project. This event is designed for journalists, community leaders, and policy makers focused on the water justice issues related to climate change.

The free event is scheduled for March 9 at 2 p.m. You can register here.

Here’s more information:

Join us for a virtual panel on water justice and public policy issues related to climate change in Wisconsin. The goal is to provide attendees ideas and resources for telling the story of climate change impacts from a human perspective.

Panelists include:

  • Dominique Brossard, Professor and Chair, Department of Life Sciences Communication, UW-Madison
  • Caroline Gottschalk Druschke, Associate Professor, Department of English, UW-Madison
  • Dylan Jennings, Director of Public Information, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC)
  • Stephen Vavrus, Senior Scientist in the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research at the UW-Madison
  • Tony Wilkin Gibart, Executive Director, Midwest Environmental Advocates
  • Wenona Wolf, Deputy Chief of Staff and Policy and Legislative Director for Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes

Guiding questions include:

  • What are the public policy implications of climate “weirding” on the lives and livelihoods of Wisconsin residents: from flood to drought, storm intensity to changing temperatures?
  • What lessons could be learned from examining inequities in how these impacts are being borne by communities across the state?
  • How do we best convey these data and stories to the public about current and predicted conditions, existing policies and their impacts, and potential mitigation?

For more information about this program go here.