Inform the public about these lesser-known offices

From DodgertonSkillhause on Moguefile

Wisconsin voters will be choosing in November the next Secretary of State and State Treasurer, but how many Wisconsin residents know who they are or what they do?

Perhaps you don’t know either?

The Secretary of State is required to: “maintain the official acts of the Legislature and Governor, and to keep the Great Seal of the State of Wisconsin and affix it to all official acts of the Governor. In addition, the Office administers program responsibilities set forth in approximately 100 sections of the Wisconsin Statutes, issuing authentications and apostilles; filing oaths of office; and filing deeds for state lands and buildings.”

Running for this office are Republican Jay Schroeder and Democratic incumbent Doug La Follette.

The State Treasurer is: “the state’s chief banker and makes certified copies of deeds, bonds, and documents filed in the treasurer’s office.”

Running for this office are Republican Travis Hartwig, Democrat Sarah Godlewski, and Constitution party candidate Andrew Zuelke. Incumbent Matt Adamczyk is not running for reelection.

Make sure you’re giving your audience information about these offices and races ahead of the November elections.