How to improve your coverage of queer communities

The following webinar is being offered by Poynter:

This webinar will help you think more deeply about LGBTQ+ people as a core part of your audience. During the first section, Poynter faculty and senior adviser Joie Chen will talk with Sharif Durhams, managing editor at The News & Observer and the Herald-Sun and president of NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists. They will discuss current best practices for reporting on LGBTQ+ people and uplift examples of impactful and innovative coverage. 

During the second part of the webinar, Tampa Bay Times engagement editor Ashley Dye will talk about strategies for LGBTQ+ inclusion. Dye founded the tbt*’s Coast is Queer section and is recognized nationally as a leader in improving equity and inclusion in newsrooms and news coverage.

Cost: Free, thanks to the support from the Gill Foundation.

Enroll here.