A Gathering Of…Journalists?

Much has been said about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this past Saturday night. The first wave of commentary seemed to be outrage that the featured speaker, Michelle Wolf, a caustic comedian known for her pointed barbs, insulted various members of the Trump administration. The second wave of commentary seemed to be more along the lines not only of “what did you expect?”, and questioning whether it’s proper to have journalists getting together in with celebrities and government officials, many of whom are news sources for the stories they cover.

NPR’s Terry Gross spoke with Wolf on the program “Fresh Air”, and excerpts are here. Draw your own conclusions.

There’ll be no caustic comedians making controversial remarks at this Saturday night’s WBA Gala; just a lot of folks having a good time and celebrating with their peers who will be awarded for their hard work.

Posted by Tim Morrissey