Every day is WBA Awards season

If you’re part of a newsroom that’s participating in the WBA Awards for Excellence, you’re no doubt excited to come to the WBA Awards Gala on May 4 at the Madison Marriott West.

But are you thinking yet about next year’s awards? You should be.

It’s difficult to think about all the great work you did throughout the year when you only start to think about it in December. That’s why we suggest putting a weekly or monthly note on your calendar to prompt you to think about awards season, even when it isn’t awards season. Take a few minutes to think about the work you did in the past week or month that you will want to consider when awards time rolls around. Write those ideas down.

When December arrives, you’ll be glad you did. Instead of drilling into your memory looking for ideas, you’ll already have a menu of ideas to choose from.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Gala in May…and let’s hope you’ll also be collecting some awards in 2020 🙂