Learn how to add dignity, precision to your writing

Check out this FREE webinar opportunity from Poynter:

Poynter’s webinars on News University are designed to provide actionable takeaways you can apply right away. “Writing About the World in 2020: Dignity and Precision in Language” on July 29 is one you won’t want to miss.

The webinar led by Cristi Hegranes, CEO of the Global Press Institute, will offer decision making tools you can use to “find the most precise words to ensure all subjects and sources are described with dignity.”

In her presentation, she will explore three key principles:

  1. Avoid words that force people to make assumptions, particularly around issues of race.
  1. Aim for precision to ensure dignity.
  2. Refer to people without defaulting to labels.

“In this complex moment of consequence, journalists can’t be content to wait for industry leaders to tell us when it’s OK to capitalize words or add context to stories,” she wrote. “At Global Press, we encourage reporters to lead these conversations, not wait for them to happen.”

For more detailed information about the webinar, check out Cristi’s excellent article on poynter.org and sign up today to guarantee your seat.