Course helps journalists build trust

From GaborfromHungary on Morguefile

A free self-guided course offered by Poynter is giving journalists tool to build trust with their communities. 

Register free here: How Any Journalist Can Earn Trust

It’s a self-paced course, which means you can learn on your own time. You also can pick and choose the sections you complete and decide what you want to focus on first. In the course, you will learn:

  • What people think about the news, and how your news organizations fits into the landscape of “the media”
  • How to talk about your goals and mission as a news organization (and also why this is so important to earning trust)
  • Why it’s important to moderate conversation spaces (including social media) and how you can effectively make time for it and gain insights from what you are hearing
  • How to talk about your ethics and news decisions and be transparent about those decisions in your daily reporting and specific beats
  • Why labeling and describing opinion content is so important and how you can effectively do it
  • How to talk about your funding and how the business side of journalism impacts (or in most cases, doesn’t impact) news decisions
  • Why it’s important to help people navigate the news and easy ways you can insert media literacy into your journalism

Learn more here.