Tompkins to retire from Poynter

Al Tompkins

The announcement of Al Tompkins retirement comes from Poynter:

Al Tompkins is known throughout the world of broadcast journalism as a bulldog of a reporter and a teacher with a relentless enthusiasm and work ethic.

He’s spent 25 years working in local broadcast newsrooms of Kentucky and Tennessee and 25 years teaching professional journalists at Poynter.

After 50 years of making the news and teaching others how to make the news, Tompkins is retiring. Although he promises to do the occasional teaching gig, for the first time in his adult life, he will not have a full-time job in journalism.

March 31 will be his last day as a full-time faculty member at Poynter. Although he’ll retain the title of faculty and occasionally step in to teach workshops on a contract basis, Tompkins says this is really it, he’s actually retiring.

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