Monthly Archives: June 2018

Can journalists prevent suicide clusters?

This week saw the suicide deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Celebrity suicides have always been one of the exceptions to newsroom policies regarding coverage of suicides. But a study confirms that certain types of media coverage do indeed make suicide contagion more likely to happen, particularly among teenagers... - MORE -

Get to that big project you always wanted to tackle

Newsrooms are busy…very busy, which makes it hard to find time to work on bigger projects that could tell an amazing story and produce critical works of public service. Poynter is studying this issue and has suggestions to getting to these big stories, particularly for smaller newsrooms. Check it out.... - MORE -

What can newsrooms do about fake news?

Morguefile license At least one news director believes that something extraordinary will have to happen to end the challenge of fake news brought by social media. It’s part of a News Lab article asking news directors how they’re reacting to the fake news challenge. The news directors in the article point to... - MORE -