Changes To The State’s Circuit Court Access Website (CCAP)

For some time, there’s been discussion about changing what reporters and the general public can see on the state’s popular circuit court access site, known as CCAP. Most notably, many dismissed cases will be removed from WCCA. Felonies, small claims, and numerous other case types will be removed after... - MORE -

SPJ Endorses Protection Of Student Newsrooms

If you’re working in broadcast news, odds are strong that you got your first taste of the profession by working on your high school’s student newspaper – and then for your college radio or TV station. The Society of Professional Journalists is reaffirming its support for independent student newsrooms. Next... - MORE -
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Open Records Law

As a reporter working in Wisconsin, you should be aware that our state has a very strong open records law, both in the statutes passed by the state legislature and in the case law where the open records law has been tested in court.  In Wisconsin, there is a presumption... - MORE -