Monthly Archives: December 2019

Journalists shine light on farming crisis

From Melodi2 on Morguefile Farmers in the upper Midwest are in crisis and broadcast journalists have been bringing attention to the issue. Most recently, KMSP in Minneapolis sired an hour-long special based on 10 months of reporting, a huge commitment to covering the topic. You can read more and view the segments here.... - MORE -

Is social media contributing to trust gap?

Morguefile license Columnist Jim Brady is making the argument that social media is one of the leading reasons for a decline in trust in journalism. He cites the reduction and elimination of the editing process: “By any measure, the public’s opinion of us has dimmed dramatically since we were able to slip... - MORE -

RTDNA adds podcasts to Murrow Awards

RTDNA RTDNA is making changes to its awards competition, the Murrow Awards, including the addition of a category for podcasts. The Murrow Awards also also adding a Feature-Length Documentary category and updating the look of the awards. The competition opens Thursday. Read more here. And don’t forget that the WBA... - MORE -

Getting back to basics on social media

When’s the last time you reviewed your social media strategy? Advancing the Story is bringing it back to basics with some advice on how to be successful on social media. Read more here. The tips were shared at a Texas Association of Broadcasters newsroom workshop.... - MORE -

Veteran political reporter leaves Madison TV station

Jessica Arp News 3 Now (WISC-TV) Assistant News Director and political reporter Jessica Arp is leaving the Madison TV station at the end of the year. Arp was with the station for 15 years and was a veteran reporter at the State Capitol. “Thank you for welcoming me into your home so... - MORE -

Column: Don’t block anonymous requests

You can walk into City Hall asking to see records without ever having to give your name. You can mail or email an open records request to any public entity without giving any indication of who you are. You don’t even need to submit a written request. You can make... - MORE -