Monthly Archives: January 2018

Poynter Webinar On Public Records

To be an effective reporter you need to know how to navigate the public records system. This webinar tomorrow afternoon (Wed. 1/10/18) from News U at Poynter could be what you need to get up to speed. Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -

The Morning Meeting: Springboard Or Energy Killer

Every TV newsroom has a morning meeting. This meeting can jump-start the day or suck the energy right out of you. Here are some tips from an RTDNA contributor whose title is “Executive News Director” of a newsroom in the Pacific Northwest. I guess if there are Executive Producers, there... - MORE -

FOIA: Navigating The System

It’s been said that the vast majority of reporters will never file a FOIA request in their career. It’s still important that you understand how it works, though. Here are some tips from RTDNA. A special section of the WBA Newsroom site can quickly bring you up to speed on... - MORE -

Perspective: A Requirement of Journalism

Some personal observations here. This morning (1/3/18) several of the news sources I regularly scan either did a small story, mentioned, or ran via crawl President Trump’s tweet, the substance of which was something like because he’s so strong on aviation safety, in 2017 no one died in a crash... - MORE -