Monthly Archives: September 2016

Reaction To The Commander In Chief Discussion

As journalism divides between those who think reports and anchors should “fact-check” candidates when they make clearly false statements or repeat stump speech lines proven not true, international media like Reuters had plenty to say about Matt Lauer’s performance at the Commander In Chief presentation last night. This is very... - MORE -

Wisconsin Connection To Continuing Fox News Shakeup

Greta Van Susteren is out at Fox News, as the shakeup continues, with news today that former FNC Anchor Gretchen Carlson will settle her sexual harassment lawsuit against former boss Roger Ailes for $20 million. Van Susteren was born in Appleton and is a graduate of Appleton Xavier High School... - MORE -

A Print Executive’s Take On Investigative Reporting

“…with each passing year, the internet news culture demands ever more speed and rewards triviality and snark, not the kind of patience and nuance that is fundamental to investigative reporting.” So says Paul Fanlund, veteran Wisconsin print journalist, in his column today. Agree or not, it’s interesting reading. Here’s a... - MORE -

A Reminder From Your WBA President and CEO

The Sensemaking Summit: Saturday, October 1 – 9:30AM – 1:30 PM Madison Marriott West       The Poynter Sensemaking Summit   As a journalist, you are bombarded by press releases, studies and political announcements. You need help sorting through what is real, what is noise and what is flat-out deception.  ... - MORE -