Monthly Archives: June 2016

House Passes FOI Reforms

The changes are now on their way to the President’s desk for his signature. Read a brief account here. The WBA Newsroom site has a special section devoted to Wisconsin’s Open Meetings and Open Records laws, which you can find here. Posted by Tim Morrissey... - MORE -

Breaking News: Admitting It When You’re Wrong

Anyone who’s spent more than a few months as a reporter knows that often, the first things you hear about a breaking news event turn out not to be true. That’s how we learn the value of attributing statements, rather than just stating them as “facts”. The journalism ethics folks... - MORE -

Wavy Hands, Triangle Hands…What’s A TV Reporter To Do?

A decade or so ago, there was a big fad among TV reporters that while giving a stand-up report, you let your arms hang loose, and put your hands together just below your waistline – with your two thumbs and your two index fingers touching, forming a sort of “V”... - MORE -

UW-Madison Student Among Nation’s Top Collegiate Sportscasters

UW-Madison graduate Reid Magnum was named by Sportscasters Talent Agency of America (STAA) as one of the nation’s six most outstanding collegiate sportscasters. Magnum, who graduated in May from the UW-Madison School of Business, was honored for both radio and TV sportscasting. He was sports director of student station WSUM... - MORE -