Wisconsin Open Meetings & Records Law

Civic and legislative leaders of Wisconsin have always felt strongly about the importance of having the public aware of what their governmental bodies are doing. Wisconsin law, with very few exceptions, requires that such meetings be held publicly in places reasonably accessible to members of the public, and that such meetings be open to all citizens at all times. The record of what goes on at these meetings is, with very few exceptions, also open to the public. Reporters in Wisconsin must be familiar with the content and workings of the state’s Open Meetings and Open Records laws to be the public’s eyes and ears.

Several changes were made to Wisconsin’s landmark Open Records and Open Meetings laws during the 2016 legislative session. Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel wants reporters and news managers to know that the state Department of Justice will hold two three-hour seminars regarding the changes to the law. There is a session in Madison on October 12 and in Green Bay on October 26th.

Registration is required. Details are here.